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Affordable apartments will have income restrictions for occupants, along with restricted rents. If you believe your income qualifies for an affordable unit and you are interested in living at Lathrop, please pick up an application at the Lathrop management office.

Names will be added to the waitlist in the order that applications are received. The waitlist will continue to be used for both vacancies and future phases of affordable apartments at Lathrop. 
How to Apply:
Applications can be picked up at the management office, mailed, or e-mailed directly to an applicant.

Office: 2000 W Diversity
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 773-676-2222

All completed applications received will be logged in the order of the date and time they are submitted. 

A $35 application fee for every household member 18+ years of age must be submitted upon processing of the application for the application to be considered. 

Income Requirement Per Household Size:
1 Bedroom:
1 Person Household      $35,190- $43,800
2 Person Household      $35,190- $50,040
2 Bedroom:
2 Person Household      $42,210- $50,040
3 Person Household      $42,210- $56,280        
4 Person Household      $42,210- $62,520

3 Bedroom:
3 Person Household      $48,780- $56,280
4 Person Household      $48,780- $62,520
5 Person Household      $48,780- $67,560
6 Person Household      $48,780- $72,540

Approximate Monthly Rent: 
1 Bedroom Apartment $1,084
2 Bedroom Apartment $1,299
3 Bedroom Apartment $1,498 
**Current rent/income limits effective date 4/18/2022